Welcome to this website. Here are Windows releases of Nexuiz which are especially patched for LANParty use. I distribute them using CDs, but you can also obtain copies on this website.
Here are the improvements over the normal Nexuiz builds:
  • Automatically load tweaks optimized for your system.
  • Faster high-end graphics rendering
  • More reliable Server Browser over LAN
  • A lot of extra maps included, so you can play at the LAN immediately
  • A launcher which injects patches and lets you start a dedicated server
  • Installer: integrates a lot better with Windows like all of your other games
  • Extra campaign included!
  • Unlocked first 11 levels for those who think the first few are boring.
There are more improvements not shown here. But they are pretty much all bugfixes.

Go to "Obtain a copy" on the left side of this page to get it!

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